Submission Forms

A dedicated FOCUS-EyePathLab Submission Form, Laboratory Cover Sheet (for samples originating outside Australia), and FOCUS-EyePathLab address label are provided for your use. These PDF files can be downloaded and printed for submitting samples to FOCUS-EyePathLab. For samples originating within Australia, a personalised Laboratory Cover Sheet is required. This can be obtained by contacting Aleesha Taylor at QML on 07 3121 4506.

Submission Form (For all Submissions)

A copy of the Cover Sheet (below), is required with all submissions originating from outside Australia; please only fill in the animal and owner name on this Cover Sheet, and not the clinical history. This Cover Sheet should accompany a fully completed FOCUS-EyePathLab Submission Form (above).


Cover Sheet
 (For all submissions originating outside Australia)

The FOCUS-EyePathLab address label (below) can be used when mailing samples from anywhere in the world. This label ensures that the sample conforms to postal and also air transport regulations. Please affix correct postage when mailing samples.

(Please affix correct postage)

Calcium (band) keratopathy