Karen Dunn BVSc (Hons)

Focus-EyePathLab Karen Dunn

Karen has held a long-standing interest in ocular pathology, beginning in 1992 with a 4 year anatomic pathology residency at the Animal Health Trust in the UK. After leaving the Animal Health Trust in 2001, Karen worked for 5 years as a diagnostic pathologist at Rest Associates (in Suffolk, England), however left in 2006 to pursue her passion for ocular pathology, initially as the ocular pathologist at FOCUS-VHI, and, in 2008, setting up FOCUS-EyePathLab, a dedicated ocular pathology service for specialist veterinary ophthalmologists and those with a particular interest in ophthalmology.

Karen has twice visited well known veterinary ocular pathologist, Professor Richard (Dick) Dubielzig, at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, and Karen locumed for Dick’s busy eye pathology service (COPLOW) in the Summer of 2006. Karen is also a member of the British Association of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (BrAVO), and regularly attends (and occasionally presents at) British and European clinical Ophthalmology meetings. Karen is a regular reviewer for papers submitted to Veterinary Ophthalmology, and has also collaborated on a number of scientific papers published in this field. Karen has also been closely involved in a number of research projects, including successful Veterinary Ophthalmology Diploma candidate research dissertations, and is in collaboration with the Molecular Biology Department at the Animal Health Trust exploring the role of genetic markers in prognostication for canine uveal melanomas in-vivo, with the Canine Anterior Uveal Melanoma project.