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With regularly updated case studies which may be of interest to those veterinary surgeons interested in ocular pathology, or those training for further qualifications in Ophthalmology. Also an extended photo gallery with more photomicrographs and macro Images.

Processing of ocular pathology samples submitted to FOCUS-EyePathLab is performed to a high standard at QML Vetnostics Veterinary Pathology, in Murarrie, Queensland.
QML Vetnostics Veterinary Pathology

Canine Anterior Uveal Melanoma Project
A collaboration between the molecular oncology section at the Animal Health Trust (UK), FOCUS-EyePathLab, and COPLOW

The Animal Health Trust (AHT) is collecting fine needle aspirate biopsies (FNAB) in ‘RNAlater' (a preservative supplied by the AHT), of suspected canine uveal melanomas, with a view to developing a test that will predict whether a uveal melanoma will metastasise. Karen Dunn of FOCUS-EyePathLab is reviewing the histopathology of all canine uveal melanomas involved in the prospective and retrospective branches of this study.
If you would like to participate in this project and/or have any queries, please contact Mike Starkey (Tel: 01638 555603; E-mail: mike.starkey'at'aht.org.uk), or David Donaldson (Tel.: 01638 552700).